Hi there! Before we get to the song, I would just like to warn you that I might not blog tomorrow, because I’m going to town by bus (Oh, yeah, living in a small village, absolutely no cool shops!), and then to a “all girls evening”, or whatever I really should call it. Anyway, All that takes time, and I might not have the time to blog tomorrow then.
So, over to the real topic: Doing something new, I have for today’s post chosen a song with a little bit of personal history! Today’s song is called “Mr. Torture” by Helloween. I love this song, for many reasons, which you will read about after listening to it. It was released on the album “The Dark Ride” in 2000. The lyrics is here, if they are hard to grasp for you. They don’t have a music video for this one, so it will be the first and best video, with good sound quality, that I could find on YouTube…

Now, for the many reasons of my love for this song.
Fist off, the playing is amazing.  And if you don’t think the other songs I’ve posted is hard core enough, this one will please you! It has a great solo, as most of the songs I love has. And where do I begin to describe the voice on this man? It almost sounds like he really is an opera singer, but it’s cool to put that kind of voice into this kind of song. It makes it special, and I like it.
So, for the personal reason I love this song so much. My best friend introduced me to this song, and she loves it too, and every time I listen to it, it reminds me of her. That is why I can tell you that I’ve listened quite a lot to this song over the summer, as we haven’t been together that much. Kind of weird that it would be this song that reminds me most of her, but oh, well, what can I say? I’m weird! So, it means a lot to me, this song is “ours” in a way.  But I hope you will share at least some of my love for it, if not all.

“Theater of pain has just begun”
(Mr. Torture – Helloween)