Hi there, all my fabulous readers! New day, new song. Today’s song is Going Under by Evanescence, because when I don’t quite know which song to chose, I go for a well known and loved song, and by Evanescence of course, because I know most about them and I know their songs by heart. 
Published on Fallen in 2003, to have it said.
Anyway, the lyrics is here, and the video, real music video this time, is here:

Now, that’s hard core! (Or what I call hard core, at least). Love the whole song (as usual, nothing new there, then!). The music video is dark, both literary and imagery speaking. It’s twisted, in the way of the fans’ faces being all crazy, making it seem like the song is about the fans dragging her down, when it’s actually about an abusive boyfriend (did a little research there). Anyway, Amy’s bad relationships turn out to make great songs. This one is no exception. It’s dark and beautiful, just like Amy herself.
Like the solo, because I like a great guitar solo. Amy sings amazing as she always does. She gets the message across wonderfully with her strong voice and high notes. And just to have it mentioned, I absolutely love the lyrics.
Love it, just love it.

“Don’t want your hand this time, I’ll save myself”
(Going Under – Evanescence)