Hi there again! Sorry for the long stop in my blogging. Family is really time consuming!
Anyway, now I’m back, and today I’ve chosen Burn by We Are The Fallen. First, as usual, we have the lyrics here.
The song was first released on the album “Tear The World Down” in 2010. And next, as usual, we have the video:

Now, after taking in that beautiful, strong and hard core song, I need to say that it’s one of the best songs by We Are The Fallen I’ve heard. They’re relatively fresh, so it’s just been one album, but it was great all the same. Well, I feel it’s necessary to say, for those who didn’t know, that the band consists mostly of ex-Evanescence members: Ben Moody, Rocky Gray and John LeCompt (and another guitarist, Marty O’Brien), and also powered by vocals from Carly Smithson. Some of you, who knows a little about their history, they will probably think that I’m being “unfaithful” to Evanescence or something, but I just care about the music, (although I find some of Ben’s comments really annoying) and I still love Evanescence above all artists, not that it matters…
Now, for the real mission: The song.

For the song, I would say, after listening to it many times, that it’s simply hard core. Well, to make a deeper comment, it starts on with hard, cool guitars and drums, and it smooths out in the refrain with violin and a slower beat, but I like that too! And the lyrics is kind of dark, but at the same time, it’s about love, so it’s not so dark after all. It’s beautiful.

Hope you’re not all too disappointed in me for not immediately posting my review on “What You Want”, but I kind of want to wait until I can get my hands on the music video too! (And plus, you can’t always get what you want! Ha-ha).

“My heart is waiting and breaking to return to burn with you tonight”
(Burn – We Are The Fallen)