I must be, as you can see from the title, the stupidest person ever. I’m home for the day, just to get to listen to the first new song from Evanescence in years and years. And YES, I said day, because now, in Norway, the time is 10.50, and I woke up at 07.40 just to listen to the live performance of Evanescence where they will play “What You Want on mtv.com. The stupid part of me didn’t realize that it’s  5 hours time difference between Norway and the US, so now I’m extremely tired and have to wait until 3 o’clock, Norwegian time, to get the first real listen of the song. I repeat, STUPID!

Well, at least I can sleep a little more, and I have plenty enough time to write a post for the blog… But I will later give my review of the song, as I’m sure most of the Evanescence fan bloggers will do too.

I realize now that if I’m smart enough (as you have seen now, I’m really not), I will go to sleep some more, and I will be ready to listen to the song and the interview and the full album version of the song, when I wake up (and NO, I will not sleep for that long, 4 hours is too much, but you know what I mean).

“Goodnight, sleep tight, no more tears, in the morning I’ll be here”
(Goodnight – Evanescence)