New day, new song – in a hurry! I don’t have much time before I leave to go to my cabin, so this won’t be the best.
Well, today’s song is Haunted by Evanescence. It was first published on their album “Fallen” in 2003.
If you want the lyrics, press here.

This is not the Fallen version on the video, but if you search for it on youtube, you will see that it’s not so different. I like both versions, and I love the movie “Van Helsing”, which is the movie you see clips from in the music video, so I think it’s a great combination.
It will definitely hold just fine since they didn’t make a real music video for this song.

(Here’s the album version):

Well, I will start by saying, it really haunts you. It’s captivating, that’s what it is! The solo can be repeated over and over and over again. It makes me want to learn how to play like that, and I’ve never been interested in playing, so that says it all.
It’s so great that it has an actual story to it too, so that you know what the lyrics means.

Here is an insert from the “story”:

“A little girl around 8 or 9 in a little white Easter dress is walking down a neighborhood street bouncing a little red ball. As she approaches an obviously deserted large house with a sinister demeanor, her attention moves from the ball to the house. Not paying attention to her bouncing, the ball hits the curb and ricochets toward the house. As she chases the little red ball toward the house, the ball picks up unnatural momentum and bounces right into the huge gaping front door. “

The rest of the story you will find here.

“Long lost words whisper slowly to me”
(Haunted – Evanescence)