Sometimes it can be hard to interpret the songs you listen to. They may have greater meaning than what you actually can see, and sometimes we make too much of it, it may mean something less dramatic than you think.
It can be ruining to you to learn the meaning of the song, because maybe you have connected to the song and given it your own meaning, that matters a lot to you, and you may find out that it was actually something less important and beautiful than you thought. That will ruin the song for you(maybe!), because when you listened to it before, you thought of the things you connected it to, but when you listen to it afterwards, you will only think of the (perhaps) stupid thing that it really means. If the meaning of the song matters to you, then you actually don’t need to know what the writer intended it to be about.  Just listen and enjoy the experience.

(So sorry if my end quote is disappointing, I mean the artist, but I really like the lyrics of the song, I can’t help it, and it fits the post)

“Music’s in my soul, I can hear it every day, every night, It’s the one thing on my mind. 
Music’s got control, and I’m never letting go”
(Play My Music – Jonas Brothers)