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Hi there! This post have to be really quick, because I need to pack my bag and go off on the ferry (and then the bus!) to my apartment, which have no Internet connection, as I’ve mentioned… several times.
Anyways, today I’ve chosen the song Over And Over by Three Days Grace. Published in 2006 on the album “One-X”.
The lyrics you will find on this link here. If I manage, the video will be here:

I love the finger play on this one. It’s just really nice, and I like the way it builds up to the refrain. Of course I love the lyrics. Good lyrics can make the song better, and this song’s lyrics is both sad and beautiful, and so God-damn true. (Maybe too much info there, but what the hell, it’s my blog!).

“So many thoughts that I can’t get out of my head”
(Over And Over – Three Days Grace)


Too much of the good?

Hello there! Being a busy blogger, I try to blog regularly, and wind up with writing several posts a day some days, so that I can just log on to WordPress, check and answer my comments and publish a new post, and log right out again. In my busy day, thinking about so many things, I neglect thinking about my readers (not intentionally!), and just telling you briefly how sorry I am for not posting every day, and I will never manage to post every single day. What I’m concerned about now, is one simple thing: Do I blog too often? I mentioned that I have a busy day, especially now, going back to school, but what I haven’t thought about, is that my readers are busy too, and don’t always got the time to check in on my blog, and maybe when you do, you don’t have the time (and maybe interest, what do I know?) to read all of them. I know sometimes I thank God that I haven’t missed out on new posts from the blogs that I follow, even though I’ve subscribed to them!
Anyway, where I’m going with this, is that I want you to tell me if I blog too often, and maybe give me guidelines on how often you think I should blog, or maybe I should just carry on as I do…
(By the way, this is also kind of a way to show that I care about my readers, ’cause I really do!)

Putting in a pic to represent the love for music and my readers šŸ˜€ (Perhaps next time I’ll find a more relevant picture to put in the post)



“Every hour slipping by screams that I have failed you”
(What You Want – Evanescence)

Hi! I need to say sorry today too, for not being able to blog yesterday. I hate having no internet connection, but I can’t do anything about it, so I’ll just have to wait until that dumb-ass landlord of mine gets his ass on the move to do something about it!

Now, for the real deal. I’ve chosen the song Make Me Wanna Die by The Pretty Reckless. The song was published on the album “Light Me Up” in 2010. The lyrics are here, and I want to kill whoever that made it Ā not possible to insert the video into the post. It makes everything more difficult, because people want the easy way, just pressing the “play” button, but anyways, for those who bother to klick on the links, here’s a link to the music video:

Now, I know for a fact that this band is one of the two lucky ones to get to go on tour with Evanescence. That’s actually how I discovered them. I looked at the touring schedule and saw that The Pretty Reckless (and another band) was going to be on tour with them. The band’s vocalist is actually Taylor Momsen, and though I’ve seen her in magazines and stuff, I’ve never heard her sing, which came as a rather pleasant surprise. First comment on the song: I simply loved the lyrics. I got this song stuck in my head on Wednesday night, going to bed after a party. There were specific reasons why, but this is a music blog, not a feelings blog, so I won’t bore you with that. Anyway, after going to bed with this song in my head, I couldn’t get it out the next day either, winding up with searching my Mp3-player for the song. I didn’t get tired of it, and that’s a good quality in a song. The refrain is like printed in my scull now, and so is Taylor’s voice, being both calming (yes, a weird word of choice, but I’m sticking to it!) and a little rough, making this song a good rock song, along with the neat guitars. As I ā€œsaidā€, a good rock song.

(Just for warning, I’ll try to press in a pic in every post, if I don’t get the video function working again, so here’s an update with a picture describing a sweet quote that’s actually true, I’ve read the book, so I know)

I’ve chosen to quote the whole freaking refrain, because it’s so damn great, so here it goes:

ā€œYou make me wanna die, I’ll never be good enough, you make me wanna die, and everything you love will burn up in the light, and every time I look inside your eyes, you make me wanna dieā€

(Make Me Wanna Die ā€“ The Pretty Reckless)

Hey y’all! Really sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday, but my internet connection is equal to zero at my new place. Anyways, it’s time for a new song, and today’s will be Through Hell by We Are The Fallen. The song was published on 2010 on their album, “Tear The World Down”. The lyrics are easy to hear, but if you want them anyways, you can find them here. There’s no real music video for this song.

First I would like to say that the lyrics are really cool, and kind of dark, and suits well for a gothic rock song, for that kind of great playing. The use of a choir is neat, it makes the song more like a gothic song, I think. As I normally do, I will mention my love for guitar solos, and this one will be no exception. It’s good, but it’s too short, I think. They could have made more out of it. I like it anyways. Rocking guitars and pounding drums are some of the things that makes me like this genre. Really, it’s all just great.

“All my tears pull me through hell again”
(Through Hell – We Are The Fallen)

Evanescence – What You Want

Hi there! I’m celebrating (yes indeed) my first day at school, and my 20th post on this blog! Let’s start my new school year with some brand new music, and giving you What You Want by Evanescence! (Or my opinion of it, at least, and I hope that’s what you want…)
This amazing song was published on 8 th of August 2011 as a single, and will also later be on the album “Evanescence”.
Will publish the music video when I get my hands on it, but for now, here‘s the lyrics, and here’s the song:

Now, this is amazing. They have finally released a new song, and it’s absolutely fabulous! I really don’t know what to say, I’m just as speechless now as I was when I first heard it. It’s awesome, that’s what it is! You can actually hear that “fun” that they were talking so much about. The looseness, the fun, you can hear a new energy in her voice, and the whole band sound great. “Great” isn’t a word that covers even an inch of what I feel about this. The lyrics are freeing, and brought out by Amy’s voice makes them even better than they are to begin with. Yeah, I think I will, to describe this song totally, go with the expression “insanely awesome”.

“Tear down the walls and free your soul”
(What You Want – Evanescence)

Hi! Today I’m featuring another band from my little collection, Avenged Sevenfold. Just started listening to them a year ago or so, so this is the song I listen the most to. It’s from their newest album, also titled “Nightmare”, published in 2010.
The lyrics is here if you want them, but I advise you to listen to it a couple of times to both get the lyrics and the video.

Dark song, really, it’s dark, butĀ surprisinglyĀ enough I always get in a good mood when I listen to this song. Love the beginning, it’s a nice touch to the song, to start that way. When it starts, I emediately manage to recognize it, and have caught myself with a little smile on my mouth when I listen to it. I guess it reminds me of someone. Anyway, dark and cool, but I don’t care for thatĀ tarantella in the music video, because I hate spiders! That’s the only drag down for me on this one. Plus, it might sometimes feel like it’s a tad too long, but hey, I don’t think I need to mention the solo on this one, and if that’s what makes the song long, then let it be so.

“You should have known the price of evil, and it hurts to know that you belong here”
(Nightmare – Avenged Sevenfold)

Hey there! Today’s song is Pain by Three Day’s Grace, which fits with my day, because I’ve had a migraine almost all day. It’s not that kind of pain the song is about, but we’ll get back to that later. The song was first published on the album “One-X” in 2006. The lyrics are here. Now, over to the music video:

The song starts softly with only the vocals of Adam Gontier and a little guitar. Then it goes into the full band and stronger, rougher voice that we know Adam does so well. Genius. What’s more genius about this song, is the fact that you can hear, at the end of the verse, right before the refrain, the catch in his voice, like as if we could hear the pain that he feels. This song is not for the happy people, as they call it among my happy friends, a “emo-song”, not for those happy ones that don’t understand that kind of pain. Oh well, let’s not kill the mood, and rather move on to the fact that this song is a great one. Didn’t quite get the video, other than it’s several other people than Adam who’s not feeling love, and wants to feel something, so they choose pain instead.

“This life is filled with hurt when happiness doesn’t work”
(Pain – Three Days Grace)


Okay, I have now decided that I will make it easier for you if you want to know something more, other than what I write. You will now find a page for questions at the very top of my blog, it’s called, fairly enough, “Questions?”. There you can ask questions about me, my blog, my interests, my music taste, and if you want me to do a review of a song, this is where to ask for it!
Hope for many comments, I want to know what you all think, and if there is something missing on my blog that I really should have, there is no shame in asking for it!

As said before, hope for many comments, and that the page will make my blog better for the world to see!

Just for the fun of it, I will throw in a nice picture of something I want crazy much right now! šŸ˜€

“Stand and face the unknown”
(What You Want – Evanescence)

Hello! That’s right, I’m taking the blog to a new level. Moving forward from the hard-core blog it have been, to a blog about all of the music that I love! Starting the transition smoothly, I will today write my thoughts around Hello by Evanescence. Ā (I know I sound over-dramatic about this, but sometimes I just love being a drama queen!)
Now, the lyrics you will find here, on this link, and following, we have the video (this one is made of clips from other Ev-music videos, not bad, really), which is not the real music video for Hello, because there simply is none. Published on “Fallen” in 2003.

Now, this is a song with some sad, personal history for Amy. She lost her sister at young age, she was only 3 years old when she passed away. This is one of the two songs Amy wrote about her late sister. It’s really slow, and amazingly beautiful. The lyrics are so sad, and I actually started to cry the first time I heard it. The violin part is calming, and you can really hear that the song means a lot to Amy, by the way she sings it, and that’s a great quality in this song, and every other song too, for that matter. I will end this by simply saying: The song is beautiful.

“Don’t try to fix me, I’m not broken.Ā Hello, I’m the lieĀ living for you so you can hide.Ā Don’t cry”
(Hello – Evanescence)

Paramore – Monster

Hi! Today’s song is a recent favorite of mine, Monster by Paramore. As I’m sure you’re well aware of, it was named the soundtrack of the new Transformers, Dark Of The Moon. Published in 2011, as a single. Lyrics are here, and the video is here:

First off, it suits damn well as a soundtrack for that movie!
Second: I love the lyrics, downright awesome.
Third? Well, Hayley has this great voice that suits the song, and it emphasizes the lyrics, I think.
The music itself is just as good as the lyrics, in my opinion, and in this blog, that’s what it’s about, and what you think of course, if not, I wouldn’t have allowed comments! šŸ˜‰
I will finish now, and get to packing my clothes before I’m moving to “where-ever-I’m-going-to-live-when-I’m-not-at-school”, or if you’d like, my apartment, or whatever it’s called (in English)…

“I let my heart go, it’s somewhere down at the bottom”
(Monster – Paramore)